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wet pan mill

wet pan mill

Brief Introduction of Wet Pan Mill
The Wet Pan Mill is a new mill, small investment, high yield, the production cost is low, good benefits. The wet pan mill is named by the diameter of roller. 1300, 1350, 1400, 1500,1600 is suitable for selection of iron ore, molybdenum ore ,lead ore ,zinc ore, antimony ore and so on. 850, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 is suitable for selection of gold ore.

Our gold grinding Wet Pan Mill is mainly used for separation of gold, silver, lead, zinc, molybdenum, iron, copper, antimony, tungsten, tin and other minerals selected. With less investment, fast results, small footprint saving power, sturdiness and durability, ease of maintenance and high return on investment. It is the preferred production for alternative ball mill, is ideal for small and medium enterprises dressing.

Working Principle of Wet Pan Mill:
Mainly used with gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony mine, mine, all ball mill can be selected grind gold machine can be used. Characteristics: grind gold through the raw material mixing, rolling, crushing, rolling repeatedly reach moisture equilibrium ratio of uniform, low gas content, improve the forming rate and forming quality, grind the material through the machine molding Products with high density, good strength, no porosity ratio weight. Energy efficient, high volume of output, the product is used for iron ore process tailings recovery, not to slag the loss of effective resources can be fully utilized.
Operation Processes of Wet Pan Mill:
1.Firstly the motor will transmit the motive power to reduction gears,under the drive of reduction gears that passing through large vertical spindle,then the power cabient transfers to above whippletree.
 2.The whippletree pulls the two runner wheels clcokwise rotation,runner wheels are not only revoluting around the large vertical spindle but also could retating by themselves.
 3.After adding into ore,the materials are under the extrusion of grinding roller weight to revoluting and rotating with runner wheels,when twisting that coming into being huge friction force with grinding base,after suffering repeated extrusion,rub,grinding that be crushed thoroughly.
 4.Under the effection of grinding roller operating,the crushed materials and the water mixed intensively to float on it uniformly,then passing through the overflow discharge gate that setting up on the mill basin to discharge,after that enter into next operation procedure to process. 
 5.Coarse mineral was sank on the bottom of grinding base,going on grinding and crushing,till the fineness could reach to standard floating on it. 

Technical Parametersof Wet Pan Mill

Model 1200 1100 1000 900 850
Dia.of grinding wheel
1200±10 1100±10 1000±10 900±10 850±10
Dia.of grinding pan
1800±20 1800±20 1800±20 1700±20 1700±20
Thickness of grinding pan
100-80 100-80 100-80 60-45 60-45
Width of grinding pan 
230-250 230-250 230-250 170-220 170-220
Speed (r/min) For extract gold:10-13          others:18-22
Power  (kw) 7.5 5.5 5.5 3 3
Drive speed (r/min) 960 960 960 960 960
Input size(mm) <25
 Capacity (t/day) Gold 10 Gold 8 Gold 5 Gold 3 Gold 2
Capacity (kg/h) Gold 600 Gold 500 Gold 400 Gold 300 Gold 200

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